About New Kensington Civic Theatre


The New Kensington Civic Theatre (NKCT) is one of the countries oldest, continuously performing, all volunteer community theatres. It has been in continuous operation for 65 years. The organization was originally incorporated as a non-profit corporation by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the New Kensington Little Theatre in 1945.

In its mission statement the NKCT desires to serve the area as a center for anyone interested in theatre activity; to offer opportunities to advance knowledge and skills in the theatre crafts; and to enhance the recreational, educational and cultural advantages of the community.

Currently, the NKCT reaches a large cross-section of the community through an average of four (3) main stage productions during each regular season and sometimes a Children's Workshop in the summer, utilizing a variety of area venues.

The NKCT service area includes the entire Alle-Kiski Valley, with its home base in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.

The NKCT is a tax-exempt organization as outlined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and requires no licenses to operate.



"Art imitates life far more
than life imitates art."  

                    Oscar Wild







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