1976 -1986 Seasons 31 - 40 


Season 31
November 1976: One Flew Over the Cuckoo¹s Nest (director: Gus Wiedl)
March 1977:
The Sunshine Boys (director: Stephen Pastrick)
April 1977:
The Royal Question (director: John Hohos)
May 1977:
Anything Goes (director: Sylvia Garzotto)

Season 32
September 1977: The Royal Question John Hohos
November 1977:
Play It Again, Sam Bill Johnson
Our 100th Show: March 1978: The Little Foxes (director: Reggie Wichrowski )
May 1978: South Pacific (director: Rita Devlin)

Season 33
September 1978: Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (director: Bill Johnson)
November 1978:
Father's Day (director: Richard Devlin)
April 1979:
Cabaret (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)
May 1979:
Our Town (director: Judy Baranowski)

Season 34
September 1979: You¹re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (director: Stephen
November 1979:
California Suite (director: Bill Mitas)
March 1980:
The Sound of Music (director: Reggie Wichrowski)
May 1980:
Angel Street (director: Linda Schecht)

Season 35
October 1980: The House of Blue Leaves (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
February 1981:
Rain (director: Nick Armocida)
April 1981:
Tribute (director: Pat Martini)
June 1981:
The Fantasticks (director: Stephen Pastrick)

Season 36
October 1981: That Championship Season (director: Bob Stein)
January 1982:
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon
(director: Reggie Wichrowski)
March 1982:
On Golden Pond (director: Pat Martini)
May 1982:
The Music Man (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)

Season 37
September 1982: Inherit the Wind (director: Paula Wiedl)
November 1982:
The Waltz of the Toreadors (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
March 1983:
Gypsy (director: Bob Stein)
May 1983:
Plaza Suite (director: Pat Martini)

Season 38
October 1983: Da (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
January 1984:
Born Yesterday (director: Richard Devlin)
March 1984:
Annie (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)
May 1984:
The Glass Menagerie (director: Ginger McMillan)

Season 39
October 1984: Hay Fever (director: Suzanne Vertosick)
January 1985:
Crimes of the Heart (director: Scott Rittman)
March 1985:
My Fair Lady (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
May 1985:
Deathtrap (director: Bill Johnson)

Season 40
October 1985: You Can¹t Take it With You (director: Colleen Clark)
November 1985:
Carry On! (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
January 1986:
The Miracle Worker (director: Paula Wiedl)
March 1986:
The Dining Room (director: Cyndi Debor)
May 1986:
Oliver! (director: Nora Ann Pastrick )  


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