1986 - 1996 Seasons 41 - 50 


Season 41 
October 1986:  Of Mice and Men  (director: Larry O'Neil)
January 1987:
  Agnes of God  (director: Pat Martini)
March 1987:
  Peter Pan  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
May 1987:
  Brighton Beach Memoirs  (director: Bob Stein)

Season 42 
October 1987:  The Odd Couple (Female Version)  (director: Bob Stein)
December 1987:
  Pinocchio  (director: Jeff Grabigel)
January 1988:
  True West  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
April 1988:
  Hello Dolly!  (director: Dennis Earney)
June 1988:
  A Streetcar Named Desire  (director: Stephen Pastrick)

Season 43 
October 1988:  The Foreigner  (director: Cyndi Debor)
January 1989:
  Pack of Lies  (director: Ron Ferrara)
December 1988:
  Cinderella  (director: Beverly Earney)
March 1989:
  Noises Off  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
June 1989:
  Little Shop of Horrors  (director: Jeff Grabigel)

Season 44 
October 1989:  Dracula  (director: Dennis Earney)
Our 150th Show  ~ December 1989:  The Royal Question  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
January 1990:
  Social Security  (director: Bob Seagriff)
March 1990:
  Jesus Christ Superstar  (director: Cyndi Debor)
June 1990:
  Foxfire  (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)

Season 45 
October 1990:  The Diary of Anne Frank  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
December 1990:
  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  (director: Valerie Veltri)
January 1991:
  The Nerd  (director: Jeff Grabigel)
March 1991:
  Guys and Dolls  (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)
June 1991:
  Steel Magnolias  (director: Ron Ferrara)

Season 46 
October 1991:  Vikings  (director: Stephen Justham)
December 1991:
  Winnie the Pooh  (director: Jeff Grabigel)
January 1992:
  Greater Tuna  (director: Colleen Clark)
April 1992:
  Kiss Me, Kate  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
June 1992:
  The Boys Next Door  (director: Valerie Veltri)

Season 47 
October 1992:  I'll Be Back Before Midnight  (director: Roy Wiegand)
December 1992:
  Jack and the Beanstalk  (director: Chris Pastrick)
January 1993:
  Lend Me A Tenor  (director: Jeff Grabigel)
April 1993:
  Broadway Bound  (director: Ron Ferrara)
June 1993:
  Fiddler on the Roof  (director: Larry O' Neil)

Season 48 
September 1993:  Nunsense II  (director: Jeff Grabigel)
December 1993:
  Sleeping Beauty  (director: Carol Lee Leathers)
January 1994:
  Death of a Salesman  (director: Welty Debor)
March 1994:
  Camelot  (director: Stephen Pastrick)
May 1994:
  Rumors  (director: Chris Pastrick)

Season 49 
October 1994:  Love Letters  (director: Sylvia Garzotto)
November 1994:
  Aladdin  (director: Bill Johnson)
January 1995:
  Breaking Legs  (director: Chris Pastrick)
March 1995:
  The Wizard of Oz  (director: Nora Ann Pastrick)
May 1995:
  Bus Stop  (director: Nick Armocida)

Season 50 
October 1995:  An Evening of New Works
(directors: Craig Firment/Richard Devlin)
December 1995:
  Lil Red  (director: Keith Vollberg)
January 1996:
  MarvinĀ¹s Room  (director: Ron Ferrara)
March 1996:
  Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
(director: Larry Tempo)
May 1996:
  Quilters  (director: Jeff Grabigel  )


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